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Mercedes-benz History

In 1967, 36% of Daimler-Benz AG was founded in Istanbul in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Turk Otomarsan title, the production of 0302 types of buses, began in 1968.

Just two years after the commencement of production, in 1970, the company started to export in 1984, has been appointed the general representative of Mercedes-Benz Turkey.

In 1986, parallel to the growth potential of Turkey Aksaray truck plant started production in Central Anatolia.

In November 1990, the trade name of the company Mercedes-Benz Turk be changed.

Investment volume of 710 million euros, Mercedes-Benz Turk Turkey today is one of the biggest foreign direct investments and employs 4,900 staff. Mercedes-Benz of Turkish workers and 80% of university graduates fluent in at least one foreign language. In addition, 3,500 people nationwide dealer network and after-sales service work.

Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz Turkey holds 67% shares.

Plant type intercity and city buses Hoşdere today in Istanbul, Aksaray plant of the light, medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers that produces the Mercedes-Benz Türk, development and manufacturing network of these facilities are an important part of Daimler AG. The company has just produced in Turkey in models of domestic and export markets, including the products operate. Also Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz brand of light commercial vehicles and passenger car brands all under the umbrella of the Turkish imports and sells Mercedes-Benz in 2011, has sold a total of 38,291 vehicles.

Equipped with the latest technology, high quality products, thanks to Mercedes-Benz Turk, Turkey intercity bus market, 56.8% of 6 per tonne truck market, the 37% is the market share leader.

The company is a pioneer in Turkey bus and truck exports (in 2011, 1,919 buses and 2,816 trucks were exported). Mercedes-Benz Türk Western European countries constitute the most important export markets is also noteworthy.

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